These regulations include the terms of service available on the BASIC DEFINITIONS: Service – the website with the information contained on it, the content and a software.User – a person who knowingly uses the service, and fully accepts the rules. 1. The website may be used only for entertainment and administrator does not take any responsibility for any misunderstandings. 2. The administrator has the right to disable the service without notification the users. The service will be offline. 3. The system “intercepts” 100 messages that should be treated as entertainment and advertisement content. 4. The administrator has the right to change the information contained on the website or Terms and Conditions in any time. 5. service function is to provide the User a code. The ability to download code unlocks when the user selects one of the available offers. 6. Note: In each country offers are different. In most countries offers are free, for example: subscribing to the newsletter or filing out the questionnaire. However, in some countries there are paid offers. In some countries there are no offers and the list will be empty. Unfortunately in this case the user can’t download the code. 7. Service doesn’t affect the type of offers available, because it is only an intermediary, which uses ready-made scripts advertising services. 8. Service shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the user who chose the offer paid. The user filling an paid offer does it on their own responsibility. 9. In some countries, there may be technical problems with the functioning of the service, eg. an error with an invalid code. In this situation, you can try to complete another offer or resign the service. Service has no influence on errors and does not take responsibility for it. 10. Entered by the user data will not be in any way used, stored or have no effect on messages received after entering the code. These messages are entertaining and illustrative. The administration reserves the right to exclude the possibility of receiving messages at any time. 11. This site is not responsible for incorrect understanding by the user functionality of the site. 12. You can use the service without registration. We ensure safety of the users e-mails and phone numbers. 13. The user who will use the service confirms that he is familiar with all points of the regulations and fully accepts them. 14. In cases of unexplained, please fill the contact form on the website. 15. The Service is available only for adults.